Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the dance school? 
It is best if you contact Amy (via text, phone or email. Details on the home page). Amy will talk through the classes that will be suitable for you or your child. You can then pop along to a class or classes for a free trial. 

What do I need to wear or bring to class? 
Please arrive on time so that you can receive your welcome pack and be introduced to the dance team. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in like t-shirt, joggers or leggings. Bare feet is fine. If you are doing tap please wear pumps or trainers. Bring a bottle of water to. If you have done any previous dance exams please bring your dance certificates with you to ensure you are put in the correct class. 

Is there parking at the venues? 
Yes there is free parking at both Turves Green and Rowheath.

How much are classes and how do you pay? 
Classes are £2.50 1/2hour, £3.60 3/4hour, £4.70 for rehearsals. Classes can be paid for by  cheque or bank transfer. Classes are paid in half term blocks. Payments are due for any classes that you miss, however classes only run during term time not every week of the year. 

Do I have to wear the uniform? 
The dance school does have a uniform. After a month of attending the dance school it is expected that you wear the uniform. Items can be ordered at the beginning of each half term through the dance school. Or you can purchase your own dance wear via other suppliers, as long as it is the same as what we wear at the dance school. 

Does the dance school do exams, shows and competitions? 
We do all of the above, however if this is not your thing you can just come along and enjoy the classes. 

Does the principal teacher have a DBS check and dance teacher qualifications? 
The principal teacher has a current up to date DBS check and is also first aid trained. The principal teacher is a qualified teacher with a degree in dance, as well as associate level teacher qualifications with the International Dance Teachers Association. Please see the teacher profile page for more information. All assistant helpers receive regular in house dance training from the principal. 

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