The Amy Greaves School of Dance is an established school that caters for all age groups and abilities. The ethos of the dance school is to create a fun, safe and engaging environment where students can develop and make outstanding progress. 

There are a variety of classes to take part in, you can choose from: Ballet, Tap, Freestyle, Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz Musical Theatre, Street Commercial, Cheerleading, Contemporary, Acro, Irish and private lessons or personal training. 

Students can participate in regular  competitions, show and exam work or just come along and enjoy the classes.

The dance school is proud of its achievements and strong dance training the students gain here, which has helped dancers to go onto further their dance education and careers. Many students have gone onto study at  establishments like BOA, Bucks University, Chichester University, Bird College, Kings College, London Studios and many more  


Classes are held at:

Turves Green Boys School in the dance studio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Rowheath Pavilion, Bournville on Thursdays

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Creating memories for dancers!

"Your lesson was outstanding in every aspect and it was a
privilege to observe you!"
Assistant head, lesson observation 2011

"The learning environment you create is exceptional!"
Assistant head, lesson observation 2011

"Miss Greaves has consistently exciting and inspirational teaching, and her detailed assessment and high expectations helps pupils
 to make impressive progress. Students have a high level of confidence in rehearsal and performance."
AST Inspector 2013 

"My daughter has only been attending since November 2012 but 
loves her classes and looks forward to Saturdays. Really
enjoyed the show!"
Parent comment 2013 

"My daughter always enjoys all of her classes and feels safe and comfortable with all involved."
Parent comment 2013 

"A lovely school that I recommend at every opportunity. 
My daughter is extremely happy – feels safe and has made
 friends. She loves her dance lessons and would have to be 
dying to miss one!"
Parent comment 2013 

"Amy, you are an amazing teacher, I feel I have really developed
 as a dancer here – because of you! "
Student comment 2014

"As a parent, I find that you are very fair in the way you do things and it is very much appreciated. Not only do you take care of the children , you take care of the parents to!"
Parent comment 2015 

" I asked my 5 year old daughter what she wanted to do when she
 left school and she said she wants to be just like Amy! Dance continues to inspire! Thanks for all your work and support!"
Parent comment 2016 

" A excellent dance school. You run a tight ship!" 
Parent comment 2017 

" I have had a wonderful experience since joining your
Student comment 2017 

" I think you are providing a wonderful, caring, professional 
school. Which I am thrilled we found. Thank you for making
my daughter so welcome." 
Parent comment 2017 

" Good quality tuition - always constructive feedback."
Parent comment 2017 

"I cannot recommend this school enough. Excellent tuition for all ages including Adults. Amy has a professional approach towards her dancers, and her teaching, she also has a full safe guarding policy in place."
Parent review 2018 

"I cannot recommend this school enough. A professional, well organised, well led school with a principal who is a real role model for all of the dancers."
Parent review 2018 

"If you are looking for an affordable, inclusive and safe environment for your child to progress in their skill and technique while still having fun and making friends... this is the place. A dance focused school where children are treated as individuals but all given the same opportunities. My daughter has only been going a short while and has already performed in 2 amazing shows in real theatres and completed some exams. The teaching staff are committed and highly skilled."
Parent review 2019 

Due to the C-19 virus classes are currently suspended until further notice. However, there are a variety of online classes you can participate in. Please view the online curriculum page for more information.