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A letter to my younger self: What I wish someone had told me about dance when I was younger?

by Amy Greaves on 03/15/21

I started dance properly at the age of seven. It’s wasn’t long after I started that I realised I really enjoyed it and it could possibly be more than a hobby. I think I was only nine or ten when I realised I wanted to be a dance teacher when I was older. Or at least work in the dance industry. Looking back there are a few things I wish I had known about dance when I was little. It might have helped me progress quicker or further. Carry on reading to see what these things are. 




Stretching is an important part of a dancer’s life. Stretching helps you to become more flexible. The more flexible you are the bigger range of movement you will have. As a dancer that’s the main aim of the game. 

I knew I needed to stretch but what I didn’t know as a young dancer was how important it was to do it outside of class. Just stretching at the end of your dance class for a few minutes is a great way to cool down but it isn’t going to make you the most flexible person in the world. In order to reach your full range of movement you need to create your own stretch routine that you do regularly at home several (ideally daily) times a week. 



Work hard for yourself 

Everyone loves to hear positive praise and a good teacher will always try and give this to a student when possible. A positive comment from a teacher can really make a difference and help to motivate you to work harder. However, remember to do it for yourself. Work hard for you! You are your biggest competition and you go to dance class to improve your technique and dance ability. So try not to focus too much on other students or how many times you get praised. 




Ok let’s be honest you’re not going to succeed at everything in the dance world. You might not get the solo part, you might not get the call back or you might get a lower exam grade than expected. Well, guess what? That’s ok! Don’t beat yourself up about it! But at the same time don’t let it stop you from trying again! I wish I hadn’t been as hard on myself as a young dancer. As long as you tried your best that’s all you can do. 


So tell me, what do you wish you had known before you started dancing?


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