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International Women’s Day 2021: The women who have influenced me as a dancer?

by Amy Greaves on 03/08/21

As I am writing this on International Women’s Day it seems only right to talk about the women who have influenced and shaped my dancing journey. So let’s jump straight in!



My Mum! Hands down my Mum was the most important person in my dance journey. Not only did she organise which classes I went to, wait for me during rehearsals, do my hair for every exam or show and buy my dance costumes. She was an all-round awesome dance Mum. The main reason she was so influential in my dance journey and later on in my dance career is because she 100% believed in me. She was my biggest cheerleader! When I was little and worried about getting my steps wrong, or missing my quick change she would remind me that I could do it. To later in life when I first set up my dance school and only one student turned up to class, she constantly pushed me and reminded me that anything is possible. I will never forget her words, ‘little by little.’ She would always say this to me. What she meant is by preserving, trying and making little changes everyday something big will eventually come. My Mum was right! It was hard setting up a brand new dance school at such a young age. I kept going and in the end all the hard work paid off!




My childhood dance teacher, Simone. I attended my local dance school from the age of seven up until I was around nineteen. The dance school I attended wasn’t just where I learnt to dance. It was a place where I made friends, socialised and grew in confidence. I attended dance classes on most evenings and over the weekends to. I remember doing my homework in between classes or on the bus to dance class. I was there all the time and I loved it! It’s where my passion for dance developed and where I learnt a strong foundation of dance knowledge.




Dennie Wilson. When I attended university I had several lectures and classes with Dennie Wilson. I absolutely loved her dance classes. She was vibrant, lively and explosive. Yes she could be very strict, don’t you dare turn up to class late. This only made me respect her even more. She was so passionate about the genres of dance she taught and this made me want to learn more. I loved listening to her lectures!



So tell me. Which women have influenced your dancing journey?

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