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Great Traits In Dancers!

by Amy Greaves on 03/29/21

When you hear someone describe a great dancer they normally talk about their physical traits and technical ability. However dancers have a lot of great traits that aren’t necessarily physical. I’m not just talking about professional dancers but amateur dancer’s to have a certain set of traits and qualities. I have seen the below qualities in many dancers in my studio. 


A dancer is hard working and determined. As a dancer you have to be. If you want to improve and reach your next goal it is through hard work that you get there. You have to be determined to succeed. I see it even in the younger dancers there really determined to learn the next part of the routine or to learn a new step. There’s no one more determined than a dancer that wants to nail a triple pirouette and its through hard work that you get there. 


A dancer is disciplined. This is learnt in class, especially if the dancer studies ballet. The ballet technique is very accurate and precise and it takes a lot of discipline and focus to learn the steps. Dancers also learn discipline as they are expected to be punctual to class, work as a team, focus and be ambassadors for their dance school. 


Dancers are motivated. Most dancers are driven and thirsty to progress and learn more. The thrill of mastering a new trick motivates them to keep going to keep rehearsing. 

Even if your not training to become a professional dancer the traits and qualities you learn in dance class will help you throughout your adult life and in the world of work. 

What do you think your best trait is as a dancer? 

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