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Returning back to the studio

by Amy Greaves on 04/19/21

Well what a year it’s been! I was very naive and honestly thought we would be in lock down for a few weeks. Who would have thought that a year later we are still living under restrictions. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things seem to be starting to re-open and we have a little more freedom. But what does that mean to us as dancers?


Well we can return back to the dance studio, as long as we continue to follow all the COVID guidelines. So that’s really exciting news! And definitely a positive!


However, returning back to the studio can also be nerve wracking and you may even feel a bit anxious. That’s absolutely ok to. A lot has happened in the last year and the pandemic will have affected everyone in different ways.


Read below my guide for returning back to the studio.


1# Be kind!

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others! We are all adapting. Most of us have spent the majority of the last year in our own homes. So being around people or in a different environment might feel weird. It will take a while to adjust which is absolutely fine. Take your time and go easy on yourself.


2# You may have forgotten stuff!

There will probably be things that you have forgotten since you have been away. For example you might have forgotten the names of certain dance steps. Or your body might not remember how to do certain movements. That’s ok and perfectly normal. The knowledge will come back but it might take a few sessions.


3# Don’t have really high expectations!

If you haven’t done much dance over the last year, do not come back to class and jump straight into splits or expect to nail a triple pirouette. The chances are you won’t be able to! And yes that is ok! Your body might not be as flexible or as bendy as it was pre pandemic. You will get there. So don’t expect to be able to do everything you use to be able to, we will all have to work at it.


It’s ok not to be as flexible,

It’s ok not to be as strong,

It’s ok to have forgotten tricks,

It’s ok to not have done an exam,

It’s ok to have changed interests,

It’s ok to have done loads of online classes,

It’s ok to have done none!


What’s not ok is to expect yourself to be the same as you were before the pandemic. Focus on regrowth, not what’s regressed!

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